About Pendle

The Pendle Box Packed Cubicle System is manufactured in the UK by Cubicle Centre.

A family run business based in West Yorkshire, Cubicle Centre have been supplying durable washroom products for over two decades throughout the UK.

The Pendle Toilet Cubicle System is available to purchase online.


Why Choose Pendle

During a project things can go wrong.

Schedules change. Suppliers let you down.

Orders get forgotten.

The team at Cubicle Centre developed the Pendle range of toilet cubicles so you don’t have to worry.

Pendle cubicles are:

  • Easy to order
  • Quickly dispatched
  • Straight forward to fit and adjustable on-site
  • Made of durable panels with tough PVC edging
  • Strictly for DRY AREAS only
  • Available in six colour combinations

What is Pendle?

Pendle is a box packed cubicle system comprising
of Box A (Door Pack) and Box B (Partition Pack).

Every Cubicle Door requires one Box A and every
Cubicle Partition requires one Box B.

The box packs allow for easy handling and transport and are usually dispatched within two working days (48 hours) of order – A vastly reduced lead time compared with made to measure cubicle products.

Box A    1820 x 970 x 70mm (45Kgs)

Box B    1820 x 970 x 70mm (65Kgs)

4 Reasons To Choose Pendle

Easy To Specify

Simple Box A & B System

Dispatched Within
48 Hours


Adjustable On-Site

How Pendle Works

Panels are durable Melamine Faced Chipboard (MFC) with 2.0mm PVC protective edging.  MFC is not suitable for use in shower areas.

Cubicle Centre is always looking to ensure the wood used to make it’s products comes from the most sustainable sources available and now offer FSC® Certified Pendle cubicles on request.

Pendle Configurations


Cubicle Door Pack

This pack contains all the necessary panels and fittings to create an enclosed toilet cubicle with a max. width of 1200mm.

Box A includes:

  Door (1800 x 950mm)

  End Pilasters (1800 x 150mm)

  Lock & Latch with Outward Opening Adaptor

  Channels, Head Rail and fittings


Front Dimensions

The cubicle door supplied in Box A measures 950mm (wide) and is to be cut-to-size on site. This cut is then concealed by the full-height door hinge channel.

The Pendle Box A Pack also includes an Outward Opening Adaptor to complete a cubicle door fitted for outward opening use.

Pendle cubicle fittings are DDA (Disability Discrimination Act) Compliant. The cubicle latch is suitable for users with impaired manual dexterity (i.e. can be operated with a ‘closed fist’)


Cubicle Partition Pack

This pack contains all the necessary panels and fittings to create a toilet cubicle partition with a max. depth of 1800mm.

Box B includes:

  Partition supplied in two parts (1800 x 900mm)

  H Channel

  End Pilaster (1800 x 300mm)


  Channels & Fittings


Side Dimensions

The partition in Box B measures 1800mm (wide) in two parts. The length can be cut-to-size on site. This cut is then concealed by the full-height wall channel.

Cubicle Legs (Partition Supports) are set-back and fixed to the partition, whilst providing a solid fixing to the floor.

When specifying the Pendle Cubicle System, remember that:

Every DOOR requires a BOX A

Every PARTITION requires a BOX B

Pendle Junior

Pendle Junior offers the same benefits as Pendle cubicles but are designed with junior schools in mind.

Suitable for boys and girls washrooms with a choice of two colours, Blueberry & Dragon Fruit. The doors have a reduced size (1350mm) and a unique curve.


Vanity Units

Matching vanity unit kits are available as a made to measure item.

Vanity units are made to measure and available as either Inset (550mm deep) or Semi-Recessed (350mm deep) options.

Overall vanity height is 850mm (standard) – this can be manufactured to suit your individual requirements.

Pendle Wall Panels

Pendle Panel System

Simple to specify    Complete Panel System contained in one box

Easy to install    Adjustable on site

Quick delivery    Dispatched in two working days

FSC® panels    Sourced from responsibly managed forests


Pendle Wall Panel Configurations

Pendle Wall Panels

The Pendle washroom panel system has been developed for both Urinal and WC panel configurations.

With an overall height to match a Pendle Toilet Cubicle, this box packed panel system can be cut-to-size on site
to fit various cubicle widths up to a max of 1200mm.

For a complete finish each panel pack is supplied with a
1200mm (w) x 300mm (d) lid.

Made-to-Measure Toilet Cubicles & Washroom Systems

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